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Katie Hackney

Vocal Coach

Growing the confidence of teens and adults. Teaching vocal technique in a fun relaxed environment.

“The only thing better than singing is more singing…” – Ella Fitzgerald

How Does It Work?

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In a lesson before we sing a note, we have a chat about YOU! and what YOU want from YOUR lessons. Your lessons, your goals!!!

Next, I listen to your voice, see what is going on, I give you tailored vocal exercises for your voice to help it grow. This will get you to your goal!

I will demonstrate everything first and then you sing it back. It is as easy as that. The more you put in, the more you get out. It’s all about balance!!!!

Training in the IVA technique gives you access to all dynamics, with tonal clarity and flexibility of your voice. This technique helps improve a singer’s range, endurance, stamina, breath control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality across all styles of music without fatigue or damage to the voice.

The results are accomplished by training the singer to find a balance between airflow and intrinsic muscular resistance, all within a resting laryngeal posture.

life in balance

What Do You Want To Know?

What does it cost?

1 hour £36
1/2 hour £18

Lessons can be weekly / fortnightly or occasional.

When you buy a package of lessons there is a 10-15% discount  applied at the point of booking making that the most value for money!!!

The more lessons you buy the bigger the discount!

What is the accessibility like?

I teach from my house which is an 1850’s cottage. I use the old outhouse which has been converted into the teaching room.

There is a narrow pathway round the back of the house with uneven bricks underfoot to get into the yard with a big step up into the teaching room.

Why Twelve years old and over?

I teach from my house which is an 1850’s cottage. I use the old outhouse which has been converted into the teaching room

The room itself is small, it holds two people nicely with the piano and computer equipment. I feel that younger children need more space to learn in to move around. 

I've seen your workshops, can I get involved?

Absolutely! You don’t need to be having lessons to join in. There is a short learning session followed by the oppotunity to sing and get feedback from myself and the audience. If you just want to be part of the audience that’s awesome too!

Can I choose what I sing?

YES!!!! Your lesson, your choice. If you need inspiration I’m here to help

What is vocal technique?

Building the instrument “your voice” in an safe way. Your voice is a muscle it needs to be trained in the same way as if you were training any other part of your body.

Do I need to able to read music?

No. I build vocal technique in a “Call and Response” way.

If you can, we can use that skill too!!!

Are there any exams?

No! this is a no pressure environment to nurture you developing voice

How is improvement/progress measured?

I encourage students to record their lessons to practice with and reflect upon.

The workshops are great way to measure improvements as the audience gives feedback sheets to each performer.

I play piano/guitar can I accompany myself?

YES!!!! however you feel most comfortable singing. I can also accompany on piano if requested

Can I buy gift vouchers

Yes, vouchers are available for half hour lessons at £18 and hour lessons at £36.

send me an email at katie@katiehackney.co.uk

“Singing is just a feeling set
to music.”
– Carrie Underwood

Come To One Of My Events!

Katie Hackney Singing Events

The Singy Thingys !!!

A chance for students to come and do a live performance in a small and intimate location.

I host an event every couple of months on a Sunday with excellent coffee and cake in a relaxed location.

We work through our pre-performance nerves through a short learning activity and warm up our voices together.

You then have the chance to sing solo, as a duo or group, accompany yourself (or others) or use a backing track. Whatever you would like to do the choice is yours!!!

We all know how scary live singing can be so we make this as safe and as welcoming as possible and we give each other feedback at the end.

We support each other. 


I SING because I ENJOY it.


To be BRAVE you have to be scared first.

Have a look at the events page to book in for the next one.

Sing Because You Want To

Singing is proven to release ‘happy’ hormones and help you to maintain health and well being. Singing helps you to relax, to forget about issues you may be having and can focus your mind. Singing does not have to be about a performance, or becoming the next pop sensation, it can be just for fun and just for you.

Professor Graham Welch says “Singing is important because it builds self-confidence, promotes self-esteem, always engages the emotions, promotes social inclusion, supports social skill development, and enables young people of different ages and abilities to come together successfully to create something special in the arts.” – Read more here.

Some Comments

“Totally, Utterly Worthwhile!”
– Colin

“Stronger Vocal Cords!”
– Paula

“Fun, Enthusiastic & Slightly Bonkers!”
– Jenny

Fun, Enjoyable and Rewarding!”
– Natalie

“Fun, Friendly & Fantastic!”
– Lesley

A Little Bit About Me


I had music lessons (piano and saxophone) as a child and I always enjoyed music.

I liked to sing but it was not my Forte (pun totally intended!)

I took the plunge to take up voice lessons at the age of 28!!!! I was scared!!!!

I then spent a few years taking voice lessons, joined a pop choir, retook my grade 8 piano (and finally passed at the age of 32).

Played and sang at friends weddings/ events  and had a thoroughly fab time enjoying making music!

After the birth of my first boy (and encouragement from my voice teacher!) I took the leap and changed careers into my favourite hobby of music and singing. I retrained with IVA to become a voice teacher and here we are!

I Live in Sandbach Cheshire. The mum of  (now) 2 little boys (and Ralph the cat!). I studied Ecology and Conservation at MMU and have an MSc in Animal Ecology.


Apart from having the best job in the world and singing as much as can!

I also enjoy family film night (with ALL the treats) adventuring in the woods with my boys. When I get a quiet moment I enjoy reading, colouring and yoga.



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