Love singing but the thought of doing it outside of the shower/car brings out in a cold sweat?

I get it! Been there! Still feel like that on occasions! “WHAT? Don’t be ridiculous!”  I hear cry “you’re a vocal coach! You sing in front of people every day for a living!”.  I, like you, love to sing but used to dread the thought of doing it in front of anybody. Let me share a few insights with you that may help you along your journey.

If you want to sing. Then sing! In the shower, the car, with choir, at karaoke! Wherever you feel comfortable. Then ask yourself. “are you happy doing this?” if the answer is yes then great! Keep on singing you don’t need to do a thing! If the answer is yes, but…. then what? You need to ask yourself what is it that that you are looking for. If the answer is “yes, but…”, there could be many reasons for this. I wish I could sing like this at karaoke with my friends. I wish my voice sounded better. I wish I liked the sound of my own voice. I wish, I wish! These reasons are your singing goals. “But Katie, I’m lacking in confidence remember!” I know, I get it, I’ve been there. Let me tell you my story really quickly, about how I found confidence in singing.

I loved to sing while playing piano. Singer songwriter stuff / pop etc. but my voice wasn’t great, it lacked power there was a break at around the G5 I couldn’t reach any high notes without passing out! I thought my goal was to improve technique so I could become a performer at pubs/events/weddings etc. I took vocal lessons with an IVA trained teacher. It was amazing! My voice changed so much. It didn’t feel like hard work. I had a great teacher who made every lesson fun. Like singing with my best mate. My confidence grew because my voice improved, and it made me feel happy. I felt confident enough to try performing in pubs/weddings etc. So I did, but every time I went to perform I still felt sick, everytime! I wasn’t enjoying it, I felt nervous, it wasn’t fun.

Back to that question “are you happy doing this?”  I was now happy singing in front of people because I felt confident in my voice. But it turns out that I like singing and interacting with people. I was happy singing karaoke with my friends. I was happy singing to my kids and other peoples kids. I was happy singing in choir. Now I sing for a living. Interacting with people. It makes me happy and when I’m happy I’m confident. When I’m confident and happy I sing.

So beautiful friends, figure out what makes you happy and the confidence will flow.

Cat Singing