What a roller coaster the last couple of weeks have been!

First few days of January I was prepared and ready for 2021. Ready for new challenges and the goals I’d set myself. However, just a few days later its all change. Back into lockdown. Back to home schooling, back to everybody being on top of each other. It literally felt like the walls were closing in.

I spent a few days wallowing in that feeling, and that’s ok. We need to feel that sadness of “here we go again”, anxiety of what’s to come, grief of what we’ve been hoping to do. It then motivated me to sort myself out.

The house needed a big clean and tidy after Christmas and incentives put in place for the children to keep it that way. We moved moved the furniture round to change the view.  We looked at what need to be done in this moment; creation of space for work / home/schooling /relaxation and play. All these areas were clearly defined. (I only have a little house so we needed, as a family to make this clear). Emotions are running high so we needed space to have time away from each other and still be able to function.

Then I focussed on what I needed. “Me time”, purely for my welbeing. Yoga really helps to keep me grounded. Of course singing and teaching singing also help! It makes me feel better! Teaching voice makes me feel better because it makes my students feel better.  Positive feedback!

I guess my message is to have that low point but don’t let it consume you. Be sure to take a step back, look at what makes you happy and ai to find time to do it.

On that uplifting note, I’d liek to make you aware of my January offer. To encourage people to sing through January and to help us all feel better I’m offering:

All new students can not only have their taster lesson for free but I’m expanding this from 1/2 hour to a full hour.

All current students can have an extra free lesson.

All returning students can have a ½ hour free lesson.

I believe in the power of singing and it’s positive effects on psyche. Come, sing, let’s work on your voice together and have fun!

To get in touch please email me:  katie@katiehackney.co.uk or fill in the form here for a free taster.