How many times have I heard this as a reason!!  If you think you are tone deaf (this is super unlikely as approximately only 5% of the population are) Don’t believe me? Take the test to find out!! (there are also some questionnaires on this site about musicality which you might find interesting!)

Now that that is out of the way.  You know that you can hear sounds / pitch and the changes in sounds / pitch. We can now work on the production of sound from your vocal folds. If you can talk then you can sing. The production of sound comes from the same place. The only difference is when we sing, we use more notes, it’s louder and more sustained.

The voice is an instrument the same as any other and you need a teacher to demonstrate how to use it in a balanced way.

To help you prepare for voice lessons I’ve written a breakdown, so you know what to expect. Then it isn’t scary!!!

Lessons with me.

Lessons are all one to one on Zoom, with me (Katie) your voice teacher. All you need to do is log on and give it a go by making some sounds.

The first lesson’s structure is as follows:

  • We have a chat about you / your voice / past vocal experiences (from nothing, to car singing and beyond!
  • I assess your voice (which sounds scary, it’s not) by singing the 5 tone scale on an AH sound.
  • I demonstrate everything first and then you sing it back to me. (If they were in person lessons you would sing along with the piano. Online lessons mean you have to sing A cappella i.e. no piano).
  • Then we do some vocalises / scales / exercises to build your voice depending on what I have heard on the assessment.
  • Then you can sing a song of your choosing (if you want to, you don’t have to!) and we apply the vocalises to the song to match everything up.

That’s it!!! Easy!!!

Im not tone deaf

Proof I’m not tone deaf!!!

I’ve put links to Scales below for the vocalises so you can have a listen and know what to expect. It will also help to develop your ear training (improving the ability to hear the changes in pitch).  

1.5 Scale –

5 Tone Scale –

Octave Repeat Scale –

Broken Arpeggio –

Octave Down –

Octave Sustain –