It is nearly the end of 2020 and Christmas is almost here!

I hope you have had chance to join in with my December Joy Challenge and reflect back over all the good parts of the year. I know that due to the Pandemic (AGAIN!) Christmas may be looking a little different this year. It’s ok to be a bit down about it, I was! I was missing events with my choirs, school nativity, Christmas markets, works party’s and family get togethers. I needed to focus on what I could do and let go of what I can’t.

I’m looking forward to doing lots of Christmas baking with my children, Christmas activities, film nights by the fire and wrapping presents to post out!! I’m still planning my Christmas food choices but I have my delivery slots booked. No running around the supermarket doing the big shop trying to wrestle for sprouts this year!!!!!

I’m enjoying listening to my students sing Christmas songs in their lessons. I’m enjoying listening to Christmas songs on the radio. This is the first year for a long time that I haven’t had start Christmas show rehearsals in October so I’m not fed up of them already!!!!

I’m hoping to go out and try and do some good old fashioned carolling for the neighbours!!! If you need some music help you to get you into the Christmas spirit here is little recommendation (see the videos for some Christmas Jazz and little bit of Christmas Cheese).

The big thing that 2020 has taught me is that I don’t need to be doing a million things. Being busy doesn’t equate to success. I’m learning to be more present in the moment. Enjoy the little things. I give my energy to the things that deserve it. Make extra time for the people I love. I’m looking forward to the New Year to see what challenges await me there and how Katie Hackney Vocal Coach will grow in 2021. I’m looking forward to being able to sing in person when it is safe. So from me have a very Merry Christmas everyone!