Lets be honest 2020 has been a bit naff so far with the pandemic changing our everyday lives. We can’t sing in choirs or karaoke down the pub with our mates or even have face to face lessons.

Does that mean we should stop singing? No! we can still still in the car, in the shower and round the house. We should and loudly because our mental health benefits from the lovely endorphins singing releases.

What I’ve been doing for my self care time is getting in a hot steamy shower and putting a mood boosting playlist on Spotify (what did I do before Spotify!) on shuffle and then sing along like nobody is listening. I like the fact that I’m not choosing the songs and sometimes cheesy songs are the best!!!! I love the fact that I don’t know the words but I make them up as I go!

My other favourite thing has been playing name that movie theme with the kids (mainly Disney songs, another lockdown saviour!) and then singing along with them to see who gets there first. Lots of fun!!!!

But in the meantime check out the video “cats vs cucumbers” guaranteed to make you smile!